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About Us

With over 20 years experience within the sector, we are heavily focused on proactive and preventative safety management. With an unrelenting focus on ensuring that our clients are fully supported in creating and sustaining an environment that is both safe for their employees and customers and of course, is aligned to all current health and safety legislation.

Health and Safety Garage

Taking great pride in ensuring that our clients have assurances that should the need arise for reactive support we are on hand. We ensure that the client feels well equipped and confident to deal with any incident or risk management issues. A focus on prevention and pre-incident risk management to avoid unnecessary incidents taking place and give customers the necessary support should they need to speak with any enforcement agencies.

Risk Assessment At Work

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Through years of executing good practice, we have built strong relationships with local health and safety and environmental departments and their officials. We foster strong two-way communication on behalf of our clients, ensuring that there is always a cohesive approach taken should an incident or ‘a need for change’ arise, regardless of the catalyst for such action.
Prime Safety operates geographically across the UK.

Fire Safety Risk Assessments

In order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is necessary to complete a specific fire related risk assessment. The fire risk assessment takes into consideration all employees and any other persons who may be affected by a fire within the workplace and surrounding areas. The assessment must be documented when more than five people are employed in the workplace.

Prime Safety Management can carry out a fire risk assessment and will check that principles of prevention have been applied.

The principles of a Fire Risk assessment are:

1. avoiding risks

2. evaluating the risks which cannot be avoided

3. combating the risks at source

4. adapting to technical progress

5. replacing the dangerous by the non-dangerous or less dangerous

6. developing a coherent overall prevention policy which covers technology, organisation of work and the influence of factors relating to the working environment

7. giving collective protective measures priority over individual protective measures and

8. giving appropriate instructions to employees.

Failure to compile a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment may result in the local fire authority taking enforcement action on employers or owners of premises. Prime Safety Management will assist the organisation in compiling the fire risk assessment. We will provide guidance and advice to guarantee your compliance with the legislation.

If you require more information on our Risk Assessment Services.

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